The Embrace


I've been hiding for a very long time. When I was a child my teachers would get upset because they felt I was hiding behind my hair. As I got older I hid behind makeup, clothes, boys. I created an identity to be, instead of just being myself. I've hid behind an artist 'handle' for a long time too- Queen Kelia. No more hiding, no more running, no more being fearful. I am who I am, and I'm no longer apologizing for it.

As a young woman I was taught the societal standards to grow up, go to college, find a boyfriend, travel, get married, have kids, and gratefully retire. So far my adult life has drastically strayed from this path. I was an academic in high school. I took AP classes, was super involved in extra curricular, and I was doing it all to get into a good college. The things I did in high school that I liked doing- art, singing, dancing- I did because I loved them. Doing things of love is much more rewarding than doing things to get them off a checklist or to impress others. You're impressive without the checklist, trust me.


I've opened my wings to the Universe, praying that some wind will pick me up and take me to great heights. If you do what you love, someone is bound to be interested. I had fear in giving in to what I'm being shown I need to do for a long time. A call to be an artist and a healer is not an easy one. Both my parents have so far ignored this call in the majority of their adult life. The artistic side they once had is only slightly exercised. I've been training for this marathon since my mom had me finger painting at the age of three. Now, it's time to let my talent be.

In the coming weeks my online shop will open, with frequent updates. I have freelance photography shoots set up, opportunities I thought I may never get. I'm attending a dance intensive, that I'm praying opens doors. Good things are coming. Remember that, good things always follow the bad in this life. We cannot have bad without good, and vice versa. Some of the best advice I've ever gotten was to keep my darks dark and my lights light. When I was staring at my poorly drawn sketch after my teacher told me that, I thought I understood- little did I know I would keep coming back to that piece of advice almost ten years later.

We are given bad to help make us strong, to help us build girth in the way we stand, the way we walk, the way we talk. It is in the bad that we gain an understanding of who we are. It is in the good that we are allowed the space to be ourselves. So I say with great thanks that everyone reading this has seen me through the bad, but it is time for us all to embrace the good. Allow yourself in the coming weeks to breathe with ease. Remember that you are greatly important, that you're worthy of this life, that you are you. Being you is the most incredible and genuine thing you can do. Thank you all for embracing me as I am. Remember to embrace you as you too. Let go the pain and weight of others, and let your light shine through. For your true is true, and mine is too.