Rising Into Love

To rise into love, instead of falling into it, means engaging in great strength. To come to a person with no judgement, no harsh intent, and only light and acceptance takes practice. To understand someone means we must get to know their present self, while learning about their past self. Rising into love means helping to build that person’s dreams no matter how we feel about their past or their present. Rising into love is difficult, it is not easy, and it requires us to be aware of our judgements, emotions, and make actions in accordance with the good we offer.

I’ve been letting go of past relations, business, intimate, friendships- shedding energy that no longer serves us is also a difficult thing to ask an individual to do, but it is the first step in rising to love. Without shedding heavy and draining energies we don’t allow ourselves to step into our brightest skin. When a hermit crab outgrows a shell, it does not stay in it’s old shell. A hermit crab moves on, to a home that is more suited to it’s needs. As humans we tend to hold onto past ‘homes’, onto things that we no longer need. Letting go is frightening, but if you feel fear then normally you’re headed in the right direction.

I’ve also been stepping into fear a lot more recently. I quit my job, with no source of income promised in my future I’m being driven to create more. As I create, abundance seems to naturally flow to me. I’ve booked my first big photography shoot. I’m getting commissions lined up. I’m creating for me again. The moment I let go of the unserved energy of my job, new opportunities, new abundance, and new happiness flowed into my life. Stepping into fear means you’re growing and shedding light onto your darkest parts. The more more you step into fear, the more light you shed onto yourself, the more beautifully you bloom.

Blooming also means creating opportunity for yourself. Rising into self love is one of the most valuable things we can do. Waking up earlier, making dinner instead of eating out- the time we spend on ourselves shows in our physical and emotional being. Rising into love within ourselves is the only way to continue to rise into love when other people are also involved. Rising for other people, we muster internal strength to do so. Rising to other people in love means a mutual strength is acquired by both individuals in the situation.

Rising into love also means that awareness must be had. By being aware we allow ourselves to identify our past pains, come to accept them, and let them go. Being aware also helps us avoid any future pains that could come to occurrence. We must also remember that sometimes we go through hardships to build strength for the hard work abundance requires in our future endeavors. What’s being laid on your path right now is entirely up to you. Rising to love is challenging because we must accept others as they are, and not try to change them. No ‘should’, ‘would’, or ‘could’ is involved in rising into love.

I’ve been tasked with rising to love recently with others. I’ve allowed myself connection, emotional support, and abundance with another person recently. I feel his soul when I’m not with him, his connection draws me in from solitude. We both recognize that falling into love means attachment, a stunt in growth, and ultimately pain. We’ve decided to rise to the challenge- rise into love together. We aren’t sure what this means between us yet, but we do know that it will cause trial and error, forgiveness, and communication.

He has a disease that cannot be cured. It is not my place to speak of what this disease is, for my story and his have only begun to intertwine. I can say though that by rising to love with him, eventually down the line this disease will also affect me. I accept him for everything he is, disease included. For we cannot change the course of our past, we can only allow the scars to fade and allow us more beauty. In fact, his truthfulness and acceptance with his decisions is more beautiful and vulnerable than most other things I’ve experienced recently with others. Now I stand at a crossroads. Do I rise into love with him, and if I do how do I continue to rise into love within myself taking into consideration that his decisions will alter me down the line?

I have cried, I have laughed, I have let go. I do not know why this trial was sent to me by the Universe, why I’m being led to rise into love with this individual, or ultimately the purpose of our connection. Part of me thinks “I am young, I don’t need this in my life,” and another part of me understands how incredible his person is and thinks “fear is here, I can step past it and accept love- I am suppose to have this challenge in my life.” I will not know the answer until it presents itself, but what I do know now is that rising into love takes time. So patiently I walk along the beach of life, sometimes holding my own hand, sometimes dancing, sometimes in the night, and sometimes as the sun rises. Patience is how we rise to love, and so patiently I rise within myself as the Universe unfolds where I belong. No matter the outcome I remember how grateful I am for this life, this experience, and ultimately this opportunity to love.

Raina Watson