Death, Birth, & The Feminine Now.

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The snow, a frozen way that water tells the Earth of it’s love. love is not just about the way that we give, love is also about the way that we take. Love is not just about how we receive, love is also about how we transmute. Love is not just about birth, love is also about death. In this season of divine feminine power, when the creative energies are so delicately harnessed, it is a time of death. it is a time of slowing down, a time to create coolness, slow breathing, slow days, long nights, and a cultivation of inner gratitude. The seed of the shell must die for the next tree to be born.

What is it in your life that you’ve been waiting for? Maybe waiting to let go, waiting to give in, waiting for your self. Waiting is not just about patience, it is also about learning. When we wait it is because we know deep down we are not fully prepared. Do not fear the loss of your old ways as the snow, the cold, and Mother Earth bring about a changing form of love.

For so long in our world, in our vibratory level, people have been denying the winters. Earth, in about a hundred years, will set ablaze if we do not get in touch with this cold energy. Feminine power has been repressed, suppressed, and oppressed for a very long time. This all starts internally. What creative energies could you harness today that will ring forth good tomorrow? What, in the starting of the season which drives us into our home, into our knowns, can be destroyed so when spring comes we may bloom more beautifully than we’ve ever known?

Winter. A time of intensity for the internal journey. As a woman, a scorpio, and of water, my advice during this time of cold and reclusion: Fight everything, even the fighting itself. In battle we experience mass destruction. There is no battle field needed, and the greatest winning of wars is done before the battle even begins. Fight. Fight like your life depends on it, because it does. Fight for everything you want to become. Fight for the you you left behind. Fight yourself, with grace and understanding. Fight yourself until you’re defeated and emerge victorious. Ny fighting in this season, we may enter a new year full bigger beginnings. Expansion or imploding- our only two options before we become nothing.

Will you expand into your self, or will you wither? Everything good must come to an end. Everything that ends must also begin. So, begin again. End in this moment and begin in the next, or begin in this moment and end soon- or choose to do both and you will have become a beacon, not only for yourself, but for others who are stuck in the duality cycle. Begin today. Begin tomorrow. Do not fear the deaths which are to come, this is a new song waiting to be sung. Sing loudly, sing big, sing small- sing for you and for all. Die. Begin. Create again.