Belief in Bounds.


I used to have a ridiculous amount of confidence in everything I did. I didn't care what others thought, how I got from point A to point B, or the slightest bad thought I let in. In fact, I never let bad thoughts in my head. Somewhere along the line thoughts started to creep into my head that brought me down. I was telling myself what I started to hear from others: aren't you concerned about this? Have you thought about that? What if people don't agree with it?

There's something about being a apart of a system I don't agree with that's always made me a fighter. When I was in art class I always found ways to push the limits because I hated being told what I could and couldn't do. I just went for it, and I didn't do it for anyone but myself. I wanted to give great creation to the world. Same thing when I was choreographing, I was putting together a different show every week for my step squad. I look back at everything I was doing and I asked myself: when did I lose that?

I've learned that sometimes we don't have to understand our injuries to allow them to heal. It's not even about allowing them to heal, sometimes we just need to excersice our strength to come out of our wounds. So, here I am training for whatever marathon I'm about to be running when I hit the ground in California. To make it as an artist you can't slack off.  I have a training schedule put together, nutrition plan, timeline, and it's time to make shit happen.

Don't let anyone tell you what your life should be, or how worthy you are. You are worth you, and that is enough. You are home, you are love, you are wonderful. Find your mantra, even if you don't believe it, and repeat it whenever you can. EVentually, after saying it for what will seem like endless counts, you'll believe it. You will step into what you speak into existence. You are victorious when you choose to be. Stand tall, keep your chin up. You are you, what else would you rather do? Don't answer that, just be you- I promise someone is looking up to you.