Steps to Reach Inspiration.


Speak your truth. It shouldn't matter if others are hurt by your truth, or if they don't agree with it, because it is truth. Truth is the highest light shed on an interpretation of any given situation. There are many truths in this world, and by speaking your truth you will inspire others to speak their truth as well. It's easy to be an inspiration to others when they can see how you inspire yourself. A lot of people have been asking me how I inspire myself, and how I keep up with my inspirations. I've put together a list of steps I take to remind myself of my power and worth. My inspiration comes from how truthfully I communicate with myself, and that refelects so that others can see my truth as well. In the end it is truth that inspires the weakness to gain strength in us all.

My steps for daily inspiration:

1. Speak your truth. 

2. Allow others to speak their truth. 

3. When judgement comes to our thoughts, become active in your response to that judgement. 

4. Allow other's judgements to pass over you, do not hold onto them.  

5. Push your truth to it's extreme.

When I was a kid I had TMJ, my jaw was always locking and popping. As I've grown and become a yoga practicer I've seen that my pains in life are much more emotional than I once realized. I look back on the period of my life when I had TMJ and I was holding back my anger, my sadness, my fear, my concern and just saying nothing instead. We forget that emotions are okay and natural, and that experiencing them is also okay and natural.

Women in today's society are sometimes oppressed in anger. We aren't supposed to get angry, it's not lady-like, so we hold in our rage instead. Ladies, learn how to master yourself in anger, you're all queens and godesses if you allow yourself to step into your light. Don't throw your emotions on others, but instead let your emotion speak through you into truth.

We must also remember that others speaking their truth is something to not put shame on, just as you wouldn't want shame put on your truth. I had a man last night tell me his story of molestation. He told me that most women he tells about what happened to him laugh. Other people's truths may not sit comfortably within us, but try not to let judgement be your only reaction. We will always be judging others, but it is what we do with that judgement that causes change in ours and other's lives. 

When we find our truth we must speak it, shout it from the roof tops. It's from the extreme places our truth sits that I find the most inspiration. How far can I push this opinion, or this color, or the lights and darks? How far is too far? There is no such thing as too far, if your truth is coming from light and from love within your person. I have always been a very extreme and intense person. Intensity is where I find my drive. I imagine myself standing on the edge of the cliff and leaning into the wind, letting the elements push me back to a place of safety. When I push myself into the intense moments the more inspiration I realize. 

Put your trust in yourself, allow truth to seep out of your pores. This is when you know you have found your place of inspiration. You are home. You are light. You are everything you'll ever need. It's time now for you to allow yourself to step into your light, your truth. It is so rewarding to see others inpired by your own inspiration, but it is more rewarding to feel inspired by yourself. Allow inspiration to flow through you, don't hold onto it- for it is when we pluck the flower to admire it's beauty that it dies. 


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