Transform Yourself & Transform All Humans.


There's something about visiting a familiar place that brings abundance of healing. After living in a city away from home for over two years, and traveling in great strides, whenever I come back to my dad's house I'm able to pick up on habits I may have otherwise missed. I realized this trip home that it's truly never been about me. From my parents smoking when I was a little kid, to the divorce, to their own constant internal struggle- it's never truly been about me. We inherit the sins of our parents. It's our duty to look at those sins, heal them, and forgive the teachers we so ignorantly learned from. The time to heal is always now.

There will always be one thing that is good for all of us, and that one thing is self respect. If you cannot respect your body, your well being, then you are poisoning the blossoming flower that is you. I have been learning much on mindfulness recently. Our breath is our life. We create space for the Universe to push air into us, and so it does, and then we contract our bodies and go deeper into ourselves as we let go. This is called time. We live in time, we live of time. Really, truthfully, we are time. It is only the measurements of the clock that bring us back to civilization, the current way we record history, and the standardization & rationalization of the human experience. 

Some say the fourth dimension is time. There is a funny little thing called deja vu that has been slowly disappearing for me. Instead of remembering a moment, it is as if it has already happened. With longer memory of the future we see a shift occurring. Maybe the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 wasn't marking the end of the world, but the end of history as we know it now. If you start to become mindful, start to feel your breath, start to control your breath, maybe you will notice this shift in your own consciousness too.

If we are time, then really you could say we are the fourth dimension. It is the choice to heal, the choice to become mindful in this life, that will push the human race into a new, unknown, bright, and exciting 'future'. By healing we are choosing good, we are choosing light, by walking through the darkness. "Deliver us from evil" is in the Lord's prayer, the word 'from' recognizes this, evil, is our starting point. Be brave, walk through the darkness that has been bestowed upon you in this life, and you will see the light. It is up to you, to have faith in whatever you choose, to be able to deliver yourself from your darkest moments. No one can do the healing but you. 

It has also been a big reminder for me that if you don't use it you lose it. I was lazy at the beginning of this voyage home. I haven't been practicing as much as I normally would back in Florida, and have lost some strength. Although it may not be easy to heal yourself at the start of the process, the more you engage in the process of transformation the easier it becomes. Just like lifting weights you have to start with a small weight, and a couple months from now (if you put the work in) you'll be stronger, feel lighter, and love yourself a little more.

I am asking all of you now to let go of your fear, to let go of your hate, to let go. I am not saying this is an easy process, but we depend on you as you depend on you. For I depend on myself to be strong, and cannot expect others to be strong if I am not also strong. The love you show yourself, you show the world. It's time for us to raise up a little higher, to become more mindful, to become stronger, more open, more aware. It's time for us to start delivering ourselves from evil and walking into love. Forgive yourself, forgive others, forgive. I believe in myself, and for the longest time I couldn't' say that. No longer am I afraid of my journey, of my strength, of my power, and therefor no longer am I afraid for you. I believe in you. You can believe in you too, and I know some of you already do believe in you. Rise up, the time to heal is always now. You declare who you are in your actions. Start acting of love, acting of respect, and this will inspire others to do the same. I believe in you, so go, be new.

Raina Watson