Lame America


I was sitting on the couch,
One or two times, watching
A screen made from divine.

Each screen showed of new
And of old, talks of tales
In which we are sold.

I found myself in a political rut,
With generations doing nothing
But watching screens and talking of dreams.

These dreams they spoke, take a toke,
Pass the pipe dream, it felt
Like murder she wrote.

To see a father do nothing for his daughter,
To see friends despise their ends,
In front of a screen speaking in dream.

For if no action is taken, then
We are to blame. The lame
America, home of the brave.

Soldiers aren't just on the field,
Their in the stores,
In their daily wars.

If wars are internal, then
the winning has only begun.
Let the songs of internal victory be sung.

Healing yourself will bring forth strength,
Stop this talk.
Start walking the walk.

When you lead yourself, you lead others too
So get off the couch,
Don't be a slouch.

Your attitude is more to me than you can see,
Are you absorbing the free
That we left to gain from across the sea?

We are a young country, mistakes are okay.
It's time to learn and grow
Because as a country we know

We can't win this internal war
Without a stand, a voice,
I beg, I plead, find your need.

Your need is your fire,
That internal desire.
Stop talking, start walking.

Community is talking, we need
Community to be walking.
There has been too much tabloid stalking.

Let the screens go black, don't
Look back, unless it is to see
Mistakes from ancient countries.

Plant your garden in your yard,
But we do not measure in yards because
It is against our way.

Young traditions have not brought peace,
Young traditions have seen war after war.
I beg, I plead, no more.

Don't take part in systems which you
Don't believe. Do not give in to greed.
I beg, I plead, we need leave.

Taxation is a crime, we chanted
With batons in our hands, and
Freedom on our mind.

Guerilla warfare is only a blink away,
In future and in past we are a young
And scrappy country. I beg, I plead,

Hear our screams, hear our cries.
Stand up for yourself, there is no more time.
I beg, I plead, you are divine.

Let's face our cirmes,
Let's hear the chimes.
I beg, I plead, this country is mine.

Born of the immigrants we turn away,
I cry inside everyday.
Please start walking, but I plead don't walk away.

Responsibility sits high in the mountain crest.
Protests haven't changed a thing, lame
America, home of the brave.

Remember when we were slaves to our ways,
Are you sure slavery is gone today, lame
America, home of the brave.

Stand the fuck up, get off your couch.
Stop talking the talk and
Start walking the walk.

Behind our screens we slave all day,
It's no wonder our power grid
Has put mother Earth in dismay.

You choose your way, lame
America, home of the brave.
Lord knows I cry everyday.

I cry for my sins, I cry for yours too.
Do remember, you choose your way. Lame
America, home of the brave.

I am tired now, but don't dare
Sit down. Stand up, but only stand
Proud when your actions reflect what you say.

Stand up, stand now, uncover your head,
For can we win before this country is dead,
Our peace and our home is in a great storm.

There's a peace before and after lightning strikes,
And it's in the night we learn to fight.
I beg, I plead, see us create free.

For each step is creation,
We need an intervention, lame
America, home of the brave.

Just one more line, I speak,
Let this country be mine, lame
America, home of the brave.

Become not a slave, let us set ourselves free.
Open your eyes, step in time. Lame
America, home of the brave.