Gluttony in Modern Ways

cement 2.jpeg

Conquering my over-eating habits has led me to realize a lot about the way I live. Gluttony is just the over-intake of information. This information can come in many forms, mostly we think of food being the main source. If you look at American society, we over indulge almost every minute of the day. Headphones in playing music, three big meals a day (all of which normally include meat), smart phone scrolling (a smoke break that never ends), drugs, medications, alcohol, TV, the list could go on for pages, but I will spare both you and me. Information overload is the truth of gluttonous ways. 

I have been trying to do research on how to cure gluttony, what it is to let go of our sensory overload addiction. The more research I do on the internet, the less information I find and the more confused I become. I realized I have been using this information overload to try and cure my own information overload tendencies- we cannot find answers in the same mindset we asked them in (unless of course this mindset is still in mindfulness). My answers have come slowly, but I will share with you my findings. Many more of us suffer in gluttony than we realize.

First off let us look at the symbolism of gluttony. Yellow is the color of gluttony, of information, of frenzy. Eat yellow foods, wear yellow clothing, as simple as it may sound the vibrations of this yellow resonating in and around you will help you to be aware of your information seeking ways. Information filtering also has to do with the third chakra, this is our self confidence, our self portrayal, and it can be difficult to be of strong self discipline when this chakra is off balance. Gluttony also has to do with the number 3. Three resonates as balance, creativity, discipline, it also resonates with truth and purpose.

Now that we see the symbolism around information overload, what do we do with this information? It all comes back to mindfulness, being able to reflect upon yourself in a moment to moment way. Truly, you have the choice of what information you receive. Choose wisely, for you manifest your reality. Thoughts become words become actions become character becomes destiny. Manifest your destiny wisely, choose your information wisely. As always, there is no more viable time than now.