Dream Even Bigger.

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Dream big. Now dream bigger. You manifest your reality with your thoughts, and everything around you is informational food to your process of creation. We are all creators, even the ones who sit at desks all day working their little fingers away. Embracing being a creator has been such an incredible step to realizing my truth. Recently I've been realizing just how much I actually lie to myself. I've lied to myself about my potential, about others, about my intentions and wants in this life. Now imagine, when your thoughts do come to manifestation, that they are those lies- do you see how difficult living your truth is when all you've manifested for yourself are ego-ic lies?

So now that you have a dream in your mind and in your heart- what's the next level of that dream, scale that dream up. Now scale it up again, ten fold. When you give in to the Universal wind that is faith, your dreams manifest endlessly. My biggest realization as of recently is that I have denied myself living in faith for most of my life. I've slowly been waking up to it, but when you live in a house where your parents don't have faith in themselves, you learn very quickly to shut down your faith too- it makes life easier.

Having faith is not always easy, having faith asks a lot of us as humans. Faith asks us to understand that we do not know, that we don't have the answers, and faith asks us to make positivity is our Absolute answer. I met a woman today who went to Japan with very little money in her pocket, basically just enough to pay for her tickets. She stayed there for three months. She didn't know how she was going to eat, or live, and she ended up being sent money from all over- friends, family, inheretince. She had a dream, she manifested that dream for herself, and monetarily she was taken care of. Too often is money we chase instead of our heart's truest desires.  

Moving to Florida, I never would have guessed all the trials I would be going through, and my faith recently has been heavy. No longer, I am stepping out every day with a little bit more love, compassion, and a lot more faith in myself, conversely in whatever higher power you believe in.

My art teacher, who helped mold my young passion for creating, once told me three things- 

1. Keep a vision.

2. Dream big.

3. Work Hard.

I believe these three things, as they have greatly impacted my life, are the ultimate guide to making your dreams come true. You can't make it anywhere without a vision. You can't have a vision without a dream, and neither the dream or the vision will come true if you don't work for it- work harder and more will happen for you. She also taught me that to be rebellious by societal standards was the way of freedom. We are our only true oppressor, and we are also the only one who can truly free our being. So embrace your dreams, and dream big, and then dream even bigger. You create your life, that is the point of being a creator. Enjoy your creations, allow them to flow through you like wind through the trees, if you please.