What Clouds Have Taught Me Today



When was the last time you sat back and watched the clouds? You really don’t even have to watch the clouds to be watching the clouds. See, if you sit back and watch change, without touching or interfering with it at all, you have mastered the art of stillness in your bones, you have encompassed your environment with your mind.  I’ve been skillfully putting my hands into things for a while, running around and shouting at people. I feel it’s time to sit back and watched the clouds, that I started painting a while ago, build until a storm of abundance is what rains over me. I shall encompass these clouds with my mind, for it is what is in our mind that we ultimately become. 

I published a book, big whoop. At least that’s what it’s felt like recently, like all the hard work I’ve been doing, internally and externally, hasn’t been paying off. I wasn’t doing any of my creations for reward consciously, but subconsciously I expected there to be a reward other than the creation itself. So, big whoop, I published one book. Oh yeah, and I finished a second manuscript, started a third, and am wrapping up a guided journal to go with the first book. Sometimes we have our hands in so many different avenues, building so many different things, that we forget to sit back and watch our storm peacefully build.

Clouds don’t ask permission to form, they just do. Just as I have been walking, I have never asked if I could take another step. I have been asking others where I should step, or how, or why I’m even walking at all. These questions are helpful if we find ourselves lost, but I am no longer lost yet still I find myself questioning. So why am I asking? I am asking others about myself because I still have insecurities, I’m still unsure about myself- really it comes down to the fact that I have an addiction for not believing in myself. How is it that we break addictions? 

There are a few ways to break addictions including cold-turkey, and slowly weaning off of your chosen substance. If lack of self love is my substance, how do I cultivate holistic self love in my life? Well, I either set off to cold-turkey give up self hate, or I slowly pull myself off of self hate and into self love. I have been on the slow road into self love for a long time, but have refused to sit back and watch the clouds build and form in patience. It is time I step back from the minute details of hate, and look at the over arching temple of love I have been building for (and inside) myself, and that coninues to grow. It is time I accept patience into my way.

We are so conditioned to want things now, especially with all the technology advances that are forming around us. One thing we cannot have now is a storm, if all we have is a clear sky- the storm shall only be in the confines of our mind. Our starting point is just as valid as our goal, but we must keep our goal in focus as we continue to walk our way. By keeping the goal in focus, you live the goal in your mind- that is how we manifest our dreams. Today, the clouds have taught me patience in manifesting my dreams. Success, if in our minds, will also be in our realities. Patient the clouds are as they form a storm, and as the storm falls the clouds must again grow tall. Our cycles do not define our path, our cycles may only define our cycles- are there any cycles you are in, any addictions, which you wish to break? Go look at the clouds for a few minutes, you may be learned an answer sooner than you expected.

Raina WatsonComment