Unconditional Community: Self Actualization

Have you ever been so welcomed into a community that you're taken off guard? This is what's happened to me over and over again for the past two months. I've been on the road, going from place to place, since May. My road has been incredibly fruitful, full of gratitude, and so abundant with love. It is only the most recent community I have been welcomed into that I've realized the importance of love and safety in people.


Being robbed recently shook me up, to the point I was afraid to leave the house and go to the cafe later that day. The thing that kept me going right after it happened was the fact that I was going to be able to come home to a house full of people who loved me and would be supportive of my being. Without this community backing me, I may have been a bit more lost after the fact. People may sometimes be burdens, but are mostly only burdens when they reflect burdens that we carry with us. People are the greatest reflection of home we will ever have, and that is so sacred that we should call home our temple.

There is this thing about love I am still discovering. Unconditional love means that we have one condition, and that condition is love. Being unconditional in your love, though, doesn't mean you can let people walk all over you and still exercise that one condition of love. By letting people walk all over you you don't exercise the most important kind of love, and that is love for/to/from Self. To make love for/to/from Self completely unconditional- this is how we self actualize. 

There are many levels to self actualization. One of these, and I would say it's (so far in my life) the most important, doorways of self actualization is unconditional Self love. This love for Self is why we say 'no' to others, to respect our needs and being. This love for Self is why we heal, to release old pains we've been holding. This love for Self is why we're here, to share that love, to co-create, to be unconditional in all love by being unconditionally in love with your Self.

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When we do not have unconditional love for yourself, being in communities can be very difficult. Communities are constant mirrors of who we are. If we don't unconditionally love our self, that's going to be painfully reflected back to us with every person in the community.

Up until my yoga teacher training immersion I had never felt safe in my body. I'm still working on releasing fear that I'm going to be hurt at any given moment. Releasing pain is hard work, but it's important- for when you heal your self you heal the collective. Since I've never felt safe in my body, that was reflected to me in every community I've ever been in. Seeing pain in people you love is hard, especially when it's your own pain.

Having gratitude for the communities, that have so dutifully welcomed me as their own, was not easy at the beginning of this journey. Today, more so than ever, I have been awakened to the power of people's presence and love in our life. Home is in our own self, and it is reflected through others. The amount you love is equal to how wide open your door is in your communities. Be exactly who you are, that's how communities work. Give yourself permission to love, give yourself permission to be. We forget, often times, that we have permission to be human. Be the best human you can be by being so welcoming of yourself that you can only turn away others when they don't suit your Truth. Self actualize by being and loving you- really, that's all we can do on the road of Truth.

Enjoy your day, may light and love be in your way. Namaste.

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