How To Build Your Dreams


We all have dreams. Things we see during the day, the way we want our life to be, the things in life we yearn for. When was the last time you thought about building that dream? Having a vision and no way to get there sets you up for minimal success. Having a vision, and envisioning the way to get there, the only other thing you need is your own action. Building your dreams is also like building a park- a settled way to ensure that your vision continues to flourish.

First we must accept that our foundation already exists. There is land, there is air, there maybe features on this land you don't want to rid yourself of because of their beauty. Think of yourself, your past, as this foundation. You are already a landscape, the person you are already exists. The work you've done already exists. Let you and your previous dream-actions be the base.

Then there comes the meticulous planning. I don't know about you, but I'm a big dreamer- my blue prints are also very big and very inclusive. There are water features, several of them. There are trees galore. Don't forget about facilities. Walkways. Trails. Flowers. Water fountains. Memorials. Art. A playground, or two. Then there's the details of all of those features you must include. Plan like you've never planned before. Double and triple check your blue print, and also keep in mind that this blue print will change. Things will come up and plans will shift- be able to go with the flow and alter your blueprint as needed.


Funding is also really important. You can plant all the trees yourself, but do you have any idea how to build a fountain? Funding requires time and money. The more money you spend, the less time it will take (usually). The more time you take, the less money you'll spend. Those situations are only true if you're working really hard, the whole time. If you decide to take a back seat to your own dreams, it's going to cost a lot of time and money to build your blue print. It's about the experiencing the process, not glorifying the end result.

Building, oh what a way to be. We are building every second of our lives, and this is why you and your past are the foundation to your process. Enjoy getting your hands dirty, enjoy the trials, and enjoy the nonsense things that are going to go wrong (and they will go wrong). Don't give up. You're going to get tired, and there are moments when you'll ask yourself why you're still going. In those moments it's okay to rest, but don't give up. An ultra marathon runner has to walk sometimes, and they stop for food and fuel too. Resting is valid, quitting is not.

Once you've been building (for what is going to feel like a few lifetimes), you have to let your environment breathe and grow. Surprise, you've not only been building your own park (your dream), but you've also been building an ecosystem. You must treat this ecosystem as just that, a living breathing organism with feelings and needs. This is where maintaining comes in. Whether you are cutting the grass or mowing the lawn, there has to be an upkeep. Things that aren't tended to die, at least in the beginning stages. It's the same reason moms stay home with their babies, the hope is eventually your ecosystem will flourish on it's own.

Enjoy the process. Enjoy the planning, the building, the crying, the laughing, the mishaps- enjoy the moments. If you're not enjoying the moments that you're creating, there's something about the end result of your blue print you're not going to like. This end result will not be success, it will be really close to failure. Enjoy every moment, even the tough ones. Prove your self wrong over and over, and keep a smile on your face while you do it. One who enjoys their failures is one who builds their temple mindfully.

Above all, in a world of visionaries and dreamers, action is what's either going to make or break you. Know when something doesn't fit you. Know when to say no. Know when to say yes. Know when to keep saying no. Know in your heart what it is you  truly desire. Then work for it. We can all connect to Spirit, or God, or Source- but it is without action that we fail. Your dreams are too important to not build. Your dreams are why you're here on Earth. If you're not working for those dreams, heal yourself and get on with it. We're born and we die, create something beautiful in the middle and the essence of your being will last forever.

Raina WatsonComment