Broken Hearts


If you’re in a relationship with me (platonic, intimate, business, or otherwise) you never have to worry about me leaving you for a better opportunity or for another being- you have to worry about me leaving for me. If I cannot be supported, built up, and have mutual growth benefit from a person, then I refuse to continue to give energy to that relationship. It has been the ability to define why I leave people that has allowed me to let go of the guilt of leaving. We must be brave enough to break our own hearts, for pain stimulates growth and healing.

I’ve come to understand that putting yourself first allows others to put themselves first as well. This does not mean I will not support you and listen to your ideas, but we are born and die alone for a reason. We are our own god, our own universe. It is without me that I am without you. If I do not have the ability to connect with myself, then how can I truly connect with others?

Roots are grown from trees, those roots intertwine with other trees. These roots grow strong from one tree, but the foundation that is built under the Earth helps other trees grow tall too. The stronger one tree in the area, the stronger the other trees are allowed to be. If we continue with this metaphor then we must also consider our environment in which the tree grows in.

As humans we create our own environment, unlike trees we walk about. Think of the people you have in your life, the food you eat, the things you drink, when you’re awake, the places you frequent- all of these things can impact your root systems. We also see that the roots of the tree reflect where the branches grow. Roots collect nutrients for the tree, they live in and enjoy the dirt of the Earth, the darkness and all it offers. Our branches collect light, they create beauty, bask in the sun, and fall when it is cold. Seasons, change, comes naturally- do not fight change for it is your beauty.

Everything on this tree comes from our core, our trunk, the girth that the Earth has blessed us with.  The healthier this core, the larger and more beautiful the tree can become. The rings in this trunk show us it’s changes, and it’s life path, but those rings cannot be seen unless the tree is chopped down. We will always know a tree for what it is, not what it was.

If your past has not been healthy, if your core was not so strong, that is still a part of your foundation. It is up to you to realize how you grow strong, and allow yourself to bloom, even if it means letting go of unserved energy. Energy of other people, of substance, of other beings, has a greater effect on you than you may realize. By letting go of energies that feed from you and don’t give back we allow ourselves a healthier environment, which in turn creates a fast rate of growth.

So ask yourself, does this relationship help you grow? Your relationship with your significant other, with work, with school, with friends- does it help you blossom into the most beautiful you? If you cannot answer yes right away I can almost guarantee that the answer is no. I challenge you to stop justifying using energy that doesn’t serve you, break your own heart, and let go. Your power is within, tap in, and you will know.