Psychic Powers

"Love and intuition are both the language of the soul. Speak soul." -Jodi Livon

Being a psychic medium is a gift that is bestowed on all humans, it's a matter of developing this fine tool that allows an Auspicious and Divine connection. The list of readings are all divination tools that come from the same Source, they allow different lenses of the same situation. Readings that do not use divination tools use direct channeling of Source, through me to you. No matter the answers you seek, they are here, they are now. This moment holds everything you'll ever need.


How it works

All readings are purchased through the readings page, and are returned to you in either a two page detailed energy writing, or a phone call session. Ask any questions you may have, and include anything you wish to. I do not look you up on the internet- not only is it “like cheating,” but it interferes with the reading. I have many clients, and I do many readings in the course of a day- I ask that you are patient with me as I get back to you. If I’m not back to you within a few days (a rare occasion), please reach out to me. Namaste.